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Strip Club Dictionary

Air Dance
When there is no contact of any kind during a private dance.

An electronic device from which to extract money. A dancer's best friends, and can very well be a customer's worst enemy.

Bed Dance
This is a newer style of dance in the clubs. The customer will lie down on a couch while the dancer will dance on top of the customer. Usually, there is ample touching of the customer by the dancer.
an acronym for Bring Your Own Beer. In most localities, all nude clubs allow you to bring your beer since they are unable to serve alcohol by law. In some areas you are still not allowed to have any type of alcohol in all nude clubs, thus you will be stuck with 30.00 fruit drinks and soda.
Chair Dance
The dancer will dance for you right at your chair with you sitting in it. The chair dance is very similar to a lap dance, though there is usually very little contact if any at all.
Couch Dance
This is a private dance that is performed on a couch which is usually located at the back of the room for a little more privacy. In some cases clubs will have "private couch dances" which are in a private room. These dances, like lap dances, do require a preset tip.
Customer Danage
The negative psychological impact of a stripper on a customer, leading to drinking, low bank balances, unhappiness, etc.
Gorilla lap
Getting a lap dance by a gorilla sized stripper due to the generosity of a "friend".
Feature or Feature Dancer
This is when some type of celebrity is hired by a club for promotional purposes. Features can be current or ex-porno actresses, magazine centerfolds or minor celebrities. In most cases the individual will dance or perform some type of show on stage. However in a few cases, the feature will just sign autographs, sell items, and take pictures with customers.
The floater, also known as the floor manager, is a club employee who keeps track of the number of private or lap dances each dancer is doing. Sometimes the floater also checks to make sure the dancers and customers are not doing anything illegal.
Floor Work
This is a type of dance is almost always performed on stage. The dancer is mainly on her back or on all fours (hands and knees) for the duration of the performance. As the name implies, this type of dancing is performed on the floor of the stage. The purpose of this is to create the fantasy that the dancer is performing air sex. This type of dance is also sometimes called a floor show. Because of it's highly erotic nature, not all clubs will allow their dancers to perform this type of dance.
House Dancer
This is the regular dancer that works full time for an individual club. You will see this term used most often when comparing a clubs regular girls to the features that come in. In most cases house dancers have negative feelings towards features, but in a few case the house dancers appreciate the extra business the feature brings in.
Hurl Story
A blatantly manipulative sob story from a stripper that is so trite and hackneyed, it acts as an effective emetic.
K-Mart crowd
This is a cheap, non-tipping crowd.
Lap dance
This is when a dancer will do a private dance for you at your table, or your seat if you're not at a table, for a set fee. Though a few dancers are known to charge a bit more than the house sets
Mileage is used to define how far you dollar will go. Low-mileage says that you don't get much for a buck so you had better bring your ATM card. High-mileage means your buck will go a long way. .
Polishing The Zipper
This occurs when the dancer does a very good bump and grind during a lap dance. Usually referred to dances which have a high level of contact by the dancer.
Guys who work for clubs posing as members of the general public, making false club recommendations. These type of guys are referred to as 'shills'.
Shot Girls
These girls walk around trying to sell shots to the customers. Only these aren't just shots, they waitress will put the shot between her breasts and you go get it. Usually in a plastic syringe or test tube type container.
Emotionally weak people who will do anything for a dancer.
Stage Fee
This is the amount a dancer pays the club she is working at in order to work a shift. At some places, the stage fee is a preset dollar amount (i.e. $20, $30, $50, etc), but at other places, the stage fee is a percentage of what the girls make throughout the night (i.e. 15%, 25%, etc). At certain clubs that count dances, the girls have to also pay a percentage or specific dollar amount for every dance they do to the management as well on top of their normal stage fee. .
Stage Inflation
This occurs when there is a larger number of people sitting at the stage. While sitting at the stage, customers start tipping more because other customers are tipping more. This can also occur when regulars are around, they will pay a bit more to a favorite dancer to pull them away from the other customers.
Stage Name
Although some dancers use their real names, most use a "stage name" which is a pseudonym used by the dancer while she works. The reason for using a stage name varies from dancer to dancer but it's usually a way for the dancer to have a "sexy" name that is easy to remember. It also gives the dance a bit of anonymity. A few clubs require their dancers to use stage names for their safety.
Tip Out
The tip out is usually what a dancer gives to the DJ and/or bouncers after her shift. It is usually either based on a percentage of what the dancers make or a preset amount (i.e. $5, $10, etc). This term is used in the same way in most service industries like waiter/waitresses tipping out to their busboys or bartenders tipping out to their bar-backs.
Stripper Damage
The negative psychological impact of the biz on a dancer, leading to drinking, drugs, unhappiness, etc.
Stripper Shit
Teasing methods to induce arousal and cash spewing. Rubbing her leg on yours, fingernails running up and down your leg, fingernails running up the back of your neck, fingernails running on the edge of your ear, etc.
Strip Club
An establishment where women (and in a few cases men) remove part or all of their clothes in hopes of receiving tips from the clubs customers.
Stick Shifting
When a dancer uses her hands to grab hold of her customer and plays him like a gear shifter in a car. Usually considered a fairly high mileage maneuver in lap dancing.
Shift Happens
Whenever your favorite dancer does not work on her regularly scheduled day or night.
Table Dance
Sometimes called chair dance or a lap dance. Normally, this refers to a dance performed at your table by the dancer. In some the dancer may have to dance far from you in other cases they are allowed to dance very close to you. And in a few clubs, the dancer will actually dance on the table itself.
White Knight
A customer who will do anything and everything they can to save a dance from drugs, the stripping business, etc.
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